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Organic Compost



SouthHort Organic Compost is blended from sustainable and natural products, with no green waste or soils added, making it a top quality Organic Compost. 

SouthHort Organic Compost is designed to improve the overall quality of your soil. It does this in a number of ways:

  • Improves moisture retention, reducing water loss especially during the warmer weather
  • Adds vital nutrients to the soil promoting a  healthy growing environment
  • Improves and stabilizes pH
  • Improves drainage and reduces erosion and runoff
  • Safe for use on all plants
  • Excellent soil conditioner

The great thing about compost is it will also work to remove any pollutants that are already in your garden – pretty clever really! Also, due to its organic properties, you can feel safe knowing that there is nothing harmful in this product.

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