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Planting Potatoes

If you haven't grown your own potatoes then have a go - it's really easy and you are rewarded with delicious freshly dug versatile potatoes. 

 Plus you get that feel good factor of growing your own food.

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Check out our new range of artificial flowers and foliage.

Create a stunning display with these life like decorative pieces.

The little market

A area within the bedding area has been created to offer something a little different.

There are interesting plants to try, as well as edible delights that have been grown at Portstone.

Come have a look, we are sure you will be impressed.

Portstone Garden Cafe

Open 9am-4.30pm. 03 389 5960

Portstone Garden Café is owned by Kate and Chris who also own the garden centre and managed by Charlene and her team.

The cafe specialise in healthy, gluten free, and wholegrain foods, using organic and free range options (including eggs and meat) wherever possible.  They are well known for their great coffee too. Come in and try their cabinet food or view our menu.

Enjoy indoor and outdoor seating.

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Portstone's Landscape Services

New House / New Garden ??

We can help you transform your empty section into a place of beauty and relaxation.

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