Wintergardenz Greenhouses

Why invest in a Wintergardenz greenhouse?

If you have been considering investing in a greenhouse you need to step inside a Wintergardenz model.

Here at Portstone we have four models to walk through.

A 10 x 18 combo with front shaded area and the back is a polycarb separated with an internal wall

a 10 x 12 Elite Glasshouse

a 8 x 8 high wall polycarb greenhouse and a

8 x 8 high wall glasshouse.

The different models help you gauge what growing space you ideally need.

- Made in New Zealand for our conditions, with local support
- Made using quality materials, strong and durable
- 10 year guarantee
- Good range of accessories

You will get great satisfaction investing in these top quality greenhouses, being able to grow year round is a gardeners dream.

Come view our display models.

Order through Portstone Garden Centre by phoning  03 389 4352 or email

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