Sweet, succulent strawberries are super easy to grow.

  • Plant strawberries in full sun, in rich free draining soil.
  • If planting a strawberry bed have netting to keep the birds off the fruit.
  • Dig the soil over, adding in Strawberry Mix, which has good nutrients
  • Space the plants 20-30cm apart, in rows 30-40cm apart.
  • Before planting fill a bucket half fill and add couple caps of Seasol, soak each Strawberry plant.
  • Once planted mulch between the plants with pea straw or bark. The idea is to keep the fruit off the soil, if not botrytis is created - a grey mould. A good base is black weed mat or plastic - not natural - but the black attracts the sun and the fruit is off the soil. Lay out the mat and cut holes for each plant.
  • Fertiliser and water regularly.

The best strawberry fertiliser.....

The best method is spraying onto the leaves, the second best is a liquid feed via a watering can.

I have found the best strawberry crop I have had is when I use Mycorrin, a liquid blend of fermentation extracts which among other important uses , increases strawberry yields and quality. Portstone stocks two size options 250ml and 500ml.

Strawberries can be planted in pots, just remember the water as the pot will dry out faster than ground strawberries.